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Our industry relationships and channel-focused knowledge mean we continue to drive success among our principals within the 2nd and 3rd tiers of the FMCG industry.

Effective Sales and Merchandising Key Accounts


Are you a principal in the 2nd or 3rd tier of the FMCG industry? Then you’ll know that your success depends on constantly honing your lower end retail and wholesale strategy and thinking ahead. That’s why we don’t simply use a copy and paste approach when managing your account. Rather, we tailor a specific strategy to your needs, listing your products with the buying groups and the independent stores we service.

Together we will determine the most effective pricing structure, load deals for cycle and promotional periods, as well as conduct sales reviews.

Our years of experience in this complex industry mean we understand its inner workings like no one else. Because of our established relationships and the bank of knowledge we’ve built up, we can help you enter the market for the first time, launch a new product or grow your market share.


Effective Sales and Merchandising Sales


Our relationships grow both our principals’ brands and our customers’ businesses. When it comes to building brands, we’re adaptable: we’re as comfortable working with start-ups as we are teaming up with established names. Regardless of your brand’s equity, we know that you come to us for the same reason: to take advantage of the trade relationships that we’ve built based on trust, integrity and our responsible approach to selling.

Our team of national sales representatives are all specialists within the 2nd and the 3rd tiers of the local FMCG trade, so they understand the variables involved. We empower them to make decisions at store level, and we equip them with the different skills they need to drive your growth.

We have store coverage of over 1000 independently owned stores and buying group members. For the past 10 years we’ve used a detailed technical order system that allows us to track sales at every store and then conduct a comprehensive gap analysis so we can expand your brands’ footprint. Our sales reps also receive a route list with a detailed callage pattern, ensuring that each store we service gets adequate attention.


Effective Sales and Merchandising


We build your relationships with your end consumers through effective communication by using both off-shelf and home-shelf displays. Our merchandisers are exceptionally creative and build show-stopping displays that capture the attention of both loyal and first-time consumers.

We believe that the home-shelf is key, as it allows brands to build long-lasting relationships with end consumers. We approach home-shelf merchandising systematically. This means always making sure there is sufficient stock pressure on shelf, that products are packed according to a specified planogram, that the product’s forward share surpasses the market share, and that pricing labels are clearly communicated.


What our Principals have to say

“Effective Sales and Promasidor SA (Pty) Ltd have been in partnership for over 15 years.  We now not only have a business relationship but they are part of the Promasidor family.  Their experience and knowledge of the FMCG market is invaluable and every target set for them is met with enthusiasm and a willingness to over reach.  Effective Sales has been instrumental in the growth of our business and we look forward to growing alongside them in the years to come” Shaun Chaplin, Managing Director, Promasidor South Africa

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