If you have any questions see if you can find the answer below or please get in touch with us by emailing us at info@effectivesales.co.za or calling us at our head office on (011) 805 4727


1. What does tier 2 and 3 mean?

Tier 2 and 3 refers to the lower end retail and wholesale sector of South Africa’s formal and informal trade. Please contact us should you have any further questions about this.

2. What does ‘the trade’ refer to?

‘The trade’ is a common industry term used to describe the business environment of South Africa’s formal, informal, wholesale and bottom-end retail industry.

3. What does FMCG mean?

FMCG stands for ‘fast moving consumable goods’. These are products that are sold quickly at a relatively low cost and are in high demand. FMCG products are sometimes referred to as CPG or ‘consumer packaged goods’.

4. Who are our principals?

‘Principals’ is a widely used industry term that refers to the manufacturers we represent.

5. What is merchandising?

Please refer to our services section for a more detailed explanation.

6. What is Point-of-Sale?

Point of-Sale (POS) materials refer to in-store marketing collateral such as pallet wrap and shelf defenders. Our sales team and key accounts managers are always willing to assist our principals make informed decisions as to which POS material will best suit their products and needs.

7. What are home-shelf and off-shelf displays?

Home-shelf is the permanent shelf space used within the aisles of the store, where the end consumer knows that they will always find your products. An off-shelf display refers to a secondary display, such as a gondola end, that is positioned elsewhere in the store. Off-shelf displays are generally paid for and are only kept up for a specified amount of time.

8. Does ESM offer warehousing and delivery services?

Because we’re not a logistics company, this is not one of our service offerings. However, we have worked successfully with numerous logistics companies who offer both warehousing and delivery solutions, and we’re happy to pass these details on to our principals.

9. Does ESM offer in-store promotional services?

While we don’t offer in-store promotional services ourselves, we work in a partnership with Lime Green Marketing. This company uses an innovative, customised system that allows FMCG manufacturers to seed their product lines into the informal sector of the trade. It also lets manufacturers promote and launch new products more effectively, as well as conduct more in-depth competitor and gap analyses. We’ll gladly assist in setting up a meeting between Lime Green and our principals.

10. What do NOD and NDD stand for?

NOD and NDD stand for Nominated Order Day and Nominated Delivery Day respectively. These refer to a specific day that an order needs to be placed in order for it to be delivered on the nominated delivery day.